Parallax Forum Posts Now Considered Illegitimate

Any posts by Chris Savage on the Parallax Forums are to be considered illegitimate / fraudulent / fake. Apparently posts on the Parallax Forums can be modified for content at will, meaning anything posted may not be what the original poster wrote.

When I worked at Parallax I was a forum moderator. On occasion I had to remove posts that were considered SPAM. These were usually something like some company in China selling Viagra or unlocked cell phones. Obvious SPAM with no place on the Parallax Support Forums.

I also had to occasionally move posts into the correct forum for them to be considered on-topic. That is, a post about the BASIC Stamp in the Propeller Forum was considered off-topic. These would be moved to the appropriate forum and the original posted notified.

Finally, on occasion, since this forum is accessed by school children of all ages, I was forced to remove curse words from posts. For example, someone posting, “That company is run by assholes!”, might be altered to read, “That company is run by jerks!” One line I never crossed though was to modify someone’s post for content such that the context of the post was altered to fit my own thoughts, feeling or beliefs.

As of when I left Parallax at the end of February, 2017 I was unable to access my Savage///Circuits account on the Parallax Forums and the WebDev team could not fix the issue, attributing it to a bug in the forum software. Once I left I was subsequently unable to access my Chris Savage account. So for a few months I did not visit the Parallax Forums.

On June 22 I decided to sell off some of my Parallax parts since I am still unemployed and needed to make some money to pay my bills. I created a new account called, Antediluvian. Everything was fine for a while and then on July 6 a reply was made by Parallax that an item I posted was inappropriate. This could have been sent via private message, but because it was posted publicly I felt compelled to address the issue, although I did agree to take the item down. Even other forum members agreed the message should have been sent privately. I was contacted via Facebook Messenger with regards to the dialogue in the forums and informed that all related messages would be removed (and they were).

Everything was fine again for a while and then I received the following message from the moderators of the forums. (Click to Enlarge)

As you can see, my thread was essentially being considered inappropriate SPAM. I questioned why, since these types of threads are posted to these forums all the time. In fact, that’s what the “General Forum” is for. Posts that aren’t on topic n any other forum. So, other that straight up SPAM or offensive posts, nothing posted here is considered off-topic. But clearly they felt my post was violating some policy. So they sunk the thread so that replies would not bring it to the top of the list anymore.

At this time I posted a reply to the thread stating that I was informed by the moderators that the thread was considered inappropriate SPAM and had been sunk. I mentioned that anyone interested in anything else should go straight to my website and that I would not follow up on that thread. The post was edited to remove some of the things I said, completely removing some of my message and completely changing the context and feel of the message. Also taking away important information that I had posted.

This is unethical! If the message violated any policies I should have been notified and the message should have been removed. Being modified in the way it was gives the exact opposite message I was trying to convey and removed my messages informing members I would not be following up, meaning that subsequent replies would have been seen as “ignored” even though I did not intend for that. For these reasons I now consider any posts on the Parallax forums using my name to be unreliable and illegitimate. For all I know they’ve been modified.

Here is a list of threads from July 25, 2017. As you can see, there are many threads not even related to Parallax in any way, shape or form, many of which link to third party sites not affiliated with Parallax in any way. Yet these posts are active every day without any action taken against them. There were even posts on the Parallax site that I write which have been modified to remove my name. This is a sad turn of events after 12 years of service. I’m not sure how we arrived at this place in things, but I am greatly dismayed by it.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased some of my old hardware so that I can continue to pay bills until I can find work again.

UPDATE 07-28-2017: I have been told the entire thread has been deleted from the Parallax Forums.

UPDATE 07-29-2017: And now I have been removed from the Authorized Consultants page. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down. Ken Gracey told me I was removed due to incorrect information, however that makes no sense. The information used to be correct. If by some chance it was edited by someone to make it inaccurate then it could easily have been updated. Furthermore, he told me he’d gladly put me back up, however I still don’t see myself listed.

UPDATE 10-02-2017: Today I found out the real reason I was removed from the Parallax Authorized Consultants list. According to Ken Gracey: “At the time it didn’t seem appropriate from a company’s perspective to recommend a consultant who viewed the company with dislike, which is how we felt it would work. If you want to restart that, I’m in favor. You certainly have the ability and skills.”

My response was that the damage was done since I had at least 4 clients pull out on me in the wake of the removal thinking there was some problem if Parallax removed me from the list. I also stated, “Frankly I don’t know where the dislike of Parallax view came from. I thought I left on good terms. But if there ever was a cause for disliking a company, modifying and deleting my forum posts and costing me outside income by removing me from the Authorized Consultants list was a good attempt.”

Still, I am just going to move forward. They have my information and could easily put me back up, but asking me to resubmit my information makes me feel like there’s still resistance and so I’m not going to bother. But if I’m not going to be listed I’m certainly not going to support their products any more. It seems like the dislike is coming from their end, not mine.

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