McDonald’s No More…For Me!

What would you do if you saw your orange juice being filled from the overflow tray at the bottom of the machine? Yeah, me too! Gross! But that’s what happened to me this morning! I stopped eating burgers, fries and chicken nuggets at McDonald’s around the time the video, Super Size Me was produced. By the time, Fast Food Nation was released I had been pretty much done with Fast Food chains altogether. However, I did occasionally eat breakfast at McDonald’s. That ended permanently after witnessing what I did this morning.

I am in the process of moving…I sold my house faster than I expected and wasn’t ready to move into a new house out of state yet. So with everything mostly still packed I have been having to “eat on the run” more lately and at least once a week I have been getting breakfast from McDonald’s. For several weeks now I have found the orange juice tasting a little bit funny and one morning even found ice in it. So the next day I ordered it without ice in it, only to be told they don’t ever put ice in it! Well, this morning I found out why my orange juice has been tasting funny lately…

As I pulled up to the window I saw a lady putting orange juice into a cup from the machine. She filled the cup about half way, then she grabbed the overflow tray from the bottom of the machine and proceeded to pour the contents of it into the cup. If you don’t know what the overflow tray is, here is an example. It is the tray that catches whatever doesn’t go into the cup.

My first thought was, “I hope that’s not MY orange juice!” And I had a momentary sigh of relief when she grabbed another cup and started filling it from the machine. I thought maybe she was just getting some pulp out of the machine or something with the first cup. But then she poured some of that orange juice into the original cup and then put a lid on it and handed to the window guy to give me!

I immediately told him I wasn’t going to take that cup because it had dirty orange juice in it! When he asked me what I meant, I told him the lady just poured the contents of the overflow tray into it and asked for a cup filled directly from the machine. Of course, when he spoke to her it was in another language so I’m not sure what was said, but I watched her get a new cup of orange juice and then take it out of my sight before he brought it to me.

I had already decided I was going there again and I wasn’t sure I was even going to drink the orange juice. But I got home to find the decision had been made for me. They gave me the wrong breakfast sandwiches!

Now I was forced to drive back there a second time, at which point I demanded a refund and won’t ever go back again! That drink thing was just disgusting. I would not consider the stuff that falls into that tray and sits there for who knows how long to be clean at all! And while I am clearly outspoken against fast food for the most part, I had made a few small exceptions such as with the two breakfast sandwiches I would eat from McDonald’s. I can’t do it anymore. I need to go back to the mode I was in when I posted the following video.

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