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Hyundai vehicles are some of the most reliable and robust I have ever driven. That’s why when I moved to CA from NY I kept buying Hyundai. The warranty couldn’t be beat and the reliability and bang for the buck was attractive. However, Hyundai Motor Finance has got to be one of the worst companies I have ever done business with! If your life is calm, peaceful and devoid of stress and you really want to know what it is like to have stress in your life, buy a Hyundai and finance it through Hyundai Motor Finance. Then change something…anything! Watch your stress level skyrocket!

To be fair, the first 10 years I did business with Hyundai Motor Finance things weren’t too bad. But you would think being a 10+ year customer that things would only get better. In fact they got worse! Much worse! Not too long ago I bought a 2016 Hyundai Tucson and by default it was financed through them. Because I had other vehicles and a house payment at the time I needed to change the payment date, which I have done before on other vehicles.

Instead of making the change for me, customer service referred me to their website and encouraged me to set up an account where I could manage pay dates, automatic payments, etc. I had never done this before but went ahead and tried it. The website was very laggy and unresponsive for minutes at a time. I tried to do it via phone but the automated phone system was a nightmare too. It asks you at some point which vehicle you’re calling about. Somehow I changed the pay date for the vehicle wrong causing a conflict with two other large payments I have, one to them for another vehicle.

So I called and tried to get it fixed. I was informed you can only make one change to your pay date per year. I explained I messed up and that the date wasn’t correct and tried to get them to fix it. They refused! I tried to get a supervisor or manager and got more of the same thing. They told me their system couldn’t be changed and there was nothing they could do. So I asked, if you make a mistake, how do you get it fixed? They said, “Wait a year!” So if a mistake is made you’re screwed! There is no way to change anything in the system. Not even a manager or supervisor can make it happen.

What kind of customer service is that?!? So I tried, unsuccessfully to get this fixed over the next couple of weeks to no avail and in the mean time my payment was late and I was assessed a late fee. For a few months I kept trying to get it changed because I couldn’t pay out that much money all at the beginning of the month. I got so many different answers and suggestions from them that I could tell I was just being given the runaround, but all the while they were adding late fees on each month and it was getting out of hand!

Each month on the day after the payment date I would start getting calls from the HMF collections department. Each time they demanded payment right then and there. I tried to explain the situation the first few times, but the problem is that each time someone calls, they don’t know anything about your situation except that they want money from you. Eventually I told them no and hung up. Finally I blocked their number because they called so much it was past the point of harassment! Several times I got people who said they could help me. One guy said he could change the date manually. I made my payment on the agreed upon date and promptly started receiving mail and calls saying I was late…again! It turns out that the request to change the pay date was denied! WTF!

Nobody notified me. They just started their collections tactic again with me oblivious to the internal request being denied. Over time I occasionally tried speaking to them again, sometimes being offered possible solutions, but each time ending up with no changes and the same crap going on. At one point I was offered the option to move a payment to the end of the loan giving me the break I needed. Why wasn’t I offered this option earlier in this whole process?!? I don’t know, but it sounded too good to be true. The problem was that I needed to speak to someone else and as usual when you talk to someone else they don’t know anything you talked about to the previous person. So we went over the whole deal, only to be told I wasn’t eligible for this service. When I asked why I was told that they could submit the request, but it would be denied because I just didn’t meet their criteria for being able to do that. Once again, built up and shot down.

By now I had resolved myself to just keep this charade up until the year expired when I could change the pay date, except that I was getting compounded late fees (because I was only paying what I was originally supposed to) and I was sure they were going to report me and ruin my credit if it kept up. Eventually  I was offered the deal again to move the payment to the end, but first I had to pay early so I wasn’t behind. At this point they would send me some paperwork to sign to proceed. But first, you guessed it, I had to call back after the payment was made. On the 1st of the month I was told they would fax me paperwork. I didn’t get it until the 8th! It said it must be turned in within 3 days!!!

Well, I signed it and tried faxing it from work. The fax number was busy all day for two days of trying. I was about to give up again but a call to a  manager provided an alternate fax number and one day to submit the form. Now I’m waiting to see what happens. But whatever does happen you can be sure I will NEVER, EVER do business with Hyundai Motor Finance again! When you buy a car you can ask to not have financing done through certain companies and this is one I will blacklist for sure! But don’t take my word for it…a quick search on Google shows I am not the only one who has had issues with Hyundai Motor Finance. In the end my 10+ years as a loyal customer got me nothing but stress.

How can the car company with the best warranty in the business have the worst financing department?!? I’m definitely not alone in my thoughts. Here are some links to other reviews of customer experiences with Hyundai Motor Finance:

UPDATE 01-12-2017:

A few days ago we received a bill from Hyundai Motor Finance for the next payment. We were surprised to find the payment amount had gone up for no particular reason. Repeated attempts to contact them to find out why have resulted in sitting on hold until giving up…multiple times…

UPDATE 02-01-2017:

While buying a new house I was informed that my credit report shows a late payment of more than 30 days from Hyundai Motor Finance. Thing is I have never been that late before, even with them screwing me at every turn. Best guess is the incident with the deferral that was internally blocked led to this. I really hate this company.

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