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Redbox DVD Bait-and-Switch Pricing

If you use Redbox to rent movies on DVD you might want to read this…

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I’ve Removed My Instagram Account…

…permanently! I never really cared for Instagram since the photo format was completely non-standard. I mean, who limits you to square photos, anyway? Well, I used to use it for Savage///Circuits content, however later I decided that posting things to … Continue reading

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Parallax Forum Posts Now Considered Illegitimate

Any posts by Chris Savage on the Parallax Forums are to be considered illegitimate / fraudulent / fake. Apparently posts on the Parallax Forums can be modified for content at will, meaning anything posted may not be what the original … Continue reading

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Tabletop Kiosks: The New Spies On The Block

If you’ve recently eaten at Red Robin, Applebee’s or Chili’s, you may have noticed a tabletop kiosk that allows you to order food, play games and even pay your bill. These devices are becoming more and more popular in restaurants. … Continue reading

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The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

Engineers are often faced with the demands of those who don’t know the capabilities (or limitations) of the technology they’re asking us to design, sometimes putting us in the position of being asked to design something that is, quite literally, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Telemetry Hits Windows 7/8.1

Back when Microsoft was cramming Windows 10 down everyone’s virtual throat, force-installing it onto their PC if the updates were allowed to install automatically, I went to great lengths to insure I didn’t end up with Microsoft’s spyware-infested O/S on … Continue reading

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My Twitter account is for Savage///Circuits, my website, not a personal account. As such I only follow feeds that contain technical tweets of interest to me as related to the scope of my website. This is typically microcontrollers and electronics, … Continue reading

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How Turning Signals Work

State Trooper creates a PSA for those who don’t know what a turning signal is.

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Jefferson Airplane Starship

Okay, so it was originally Jefferson Airplane, then Jefferson Starship and finally, Starship. But in my collection it is listed as Jefferson Airplane Starship or as my late wife called it, “The Identity Crisis Band”. No need to get technical, … Continue reading

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McDonald’s No More…For Me!

What would you do if you saw your orange juice being filled from the overflow tray at the bottom of the machine? Yeah, me too! Gross! But that’s what happened to me this morning!

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