How Turning Signals Work

State Trooper creates a PSA for those who don’t know what a turning signal is.

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Jefferson Airplane Starship

Okay, so it was originally Jefferson Airplane, then Jefferson Starship and finally, Starship. But in my collection it is listed as Jefferson Airplane Starship or as my late wife called it, “The Identity Crisis Band”. No need to get technical, I know the history, but I prefer to listen to the music from the original Jefferson Airplane through Jefferson Starship followed by music from Starship. So in that sense, to me they’re all the same…but I digress…that’s not what this blog entry is about. If you’re a fan of the aforementioned groups as well as a fan of Def Leppard you might find this interesting. Continue reading

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McDonald’s No More…For Me!

What would you do if you saw your orange juice being filled from the overflow tray at the bottom of the machine? Yeah, me too! Gross! But that’s what happened to me this morning! Continue reading

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Progressive Auto Insurance

If Progressive Auto Insurance offered to insure my vehicles FREE for LIFE, I would decline. Here’s why… Continue reading

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Auto Insurance Company Tactics

As of January 3, 2017 I have had four vehicles rear-ended by another driver who either wasn’t paying attention or was driving recklessly. In all four cases the other driver had insurance at the time of the accident and was confirmed by their insurance company. But in all four cases, by the time the “investigation” was completed, none of these drivers had coverage any more. Sound suspicious? Well it is… Continue reading

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Hyundai Motor Finance

Hyundai vehicles are some of the most reliable and robust I have ever driven. That’s why when I moved to CA from NY I kept buying Hyundai. The warranty couldn’t be beat and the reliability and bang for the buck was attractive. However, Hyundai Motor Finance has got to be one of the worst companies I have ever done business with! If your life is calm, peaceful and devoid of stress and you really want to know what it is like to have stress in your life, buy a Hyundai and finance it through Hyundai Motor Finance. Then change something…anything! Watch your stress level skyrocket! Continue reading

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Guiding Hands

Introducing, “Guiding Hands”, because you can watch what you’re doing or you can watch where you’re going, but you can’t do both. This is so sad, but so true of many people these days…can’t put their phones down for any length of time. Continue reading

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AT&T Cares…not!

AT&T Cares…they care not…they care…they care not. My daisy ran out of petals a long, long time ago. This is how it seems to go every year with things flipping at the end of each contract period. Such is the service and such is the customer service. Here we are into August and I still don’t have the issues from June fixed! Continue reading

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AT&T Issues…Again…

I used to have a blog entry on AT&T on my old website. It was so large that when I moved my blog to a new site I didn’t want to move so much content and I thought my issues with AT&T were mostly over after years of varying problems. You might wonder why I stayed with them for so long but when I moved to this house they were my only viable option for internet. Still, it took 2 years of fighting to get things to a reasonable place. At the end of this blog entry I will post what I have from the original blog. Continue reading

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Texting & Driving

In the last 5 years or so I have seen an increasing number of drunk drivers. Well, okay, they’re not drunk, but they drive just like a drunk driver. They veer off the side of the road and when they hit the rumble strip they suddenly whip back into their lane. Then they veer off into the other lane, or worse, the oncoming lane until again they realize they’re drifting and they correct again. Sometimes they even run red lights and/or stop signs. Except they’re not drunk…they’re texting while driving! Continue reading

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